This has always been a challenge for us on a single-income budget. Do we buy organic and just try to make the most of the food budget? Or skip it and hope our bodies will filter out all the possible toxins and pesticides? Or do we just ignore it?

I truly believe there are benefits to choosing organic produce, but if you are like we were and on a fixed income, then the best thing to do is buy those things organic that you either eat alot of or that are on the ‘worst for pesticides’ list! I’ve read a lot of articles and they all agree that eating the 12 most common fruits and veggies puts you in contact with 14 pesticides.

So here are the top 12 fruits and vegetables that if you can buy organic, you should.

*These are the ones with the greatest pesticide residues and the ones you eat most often. Even after washing, government lab tests show that certain fruits and veggies carry much higher levels of pesticides than do others.

Peaches (which have over 100 pesticides used on them), apples, bell peppers, celery, nectarines, strawberries, cherries, pears, grapes (imported especially), spinach, lettuce, and potatoes.

If you don’t garden, check out your local farmer’s market for great buys on locally produced organic food.
The store may have fancier labeling, but most of the time your local market is where the freshest and tastiest foods are! Keep in mind, the organic veggies might not be as pretty, but not having all those pesticides wreaking havoc in your body is worth it.

Now remember, you can walk in a healthfood store and there are a host of organic items that shouldn’t be in your diet such as, Organic soda pop and organic toaster pastries, think “poptarts”. Just because someone slaps an “Organic” label on cotton candy, doesn’t make it good for you! 🙂

Shop smart. Eat well. Your body is worth the best fuel you can buy! I am a free online Independent Beachbody Coach. I can help you succeed with your Beachbody weight loss and fitness program such as P90X, Chalean Extreme and Kathy Smith’s Project You: Type 2. Visit the my website and create your free Team Beachbody account and I will help you get started today!

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