Television technology took us by storm when the forty-two inch version came out, with a hefty price tag attached as well. This new technology allowed consumers the opportunity to see what only the highest level members of the film crews of the movie industry had been seeing for a few years, pictures so clear it looked like you were actually in the scene you were watching, so real you could almost smell the flowers! The technology also brought the flat screen instead of a glass bowed screen. This new screen truly enhances the colour output and is able to gather the pixels so many times faster than older model screens, that there is almost no delay at all in the transmission.

As a competitive business atmosphere developed, the market took a dip on price for LCD televisions. The quality was what mattered at that point and the televisions just got better. Size started to become a hall mark of this type of television, the screen images got clearer, the size of the screen got larger and you almost felt as if you were sitting in a theatre right at home.

The development of the home theatre owes its start to the LCD televisions that were the very beginning of the decline of the rush to the theatre. DVD and CD players were installed as standard units and every new movie to hit the shops was able to be seen right in the comfort of your home. This opened up several new avenues for businesses that sell LCD televisions. Creating interior design models started to become the hallmark of an exceptional model of LCD televisions.

Home theatres can be planned right into your new housing designs. The LCD televisions can fit into a small cabinet right in the wall and be remotely moved for storage or viewing. The panel that closes over the television can look like the wall it is sitting in and almost invisible to the casual glance. The panel can also be a piece of art that is a focal point in the room. The art can be a reprint of a famous artist, or a blank canvas you can decorate yourself. There are so many interior decorating effects that can be done with this marvellous appliance! The possibilities are only limited by your imagination!

Gamers love this new technology. Their chases through city streets or their journey on a treasure hunt seem much more real because the animation comes through so sharply on the LCD televisions screens. Adults as well as children are thrilled with the clarity of picture and the facts that visually it seems as if you are a part of the action.

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