Getting an increased number of targeted website traffic will make most internet marketers very happy. On the other hand, accumulating this type of traffic with YouTube and other video sharing sites makes the job a little bit easier.

Google pays close attention to videos and tends to rank them above all other content generated online. I want to embark on 5 exciting YouTube video secret tricks to help you increase targeted website traffic and leads to your blogs and websites online.

1. Show your Face Often— This will probably be the easiest most hardest tip ever. Most people are too shy or afraid to show their face on video let alone on the internet. However, I encourage you to get past this fear, which stems from the EGO.

What does this tip have to do with getting more traffic? Showing your face on camera is part of branding yourself as an expert marketer. The more you show up on video sharing sites, the more people will begin to take attention to what you are offering.

2. Leave Bait— Leaving the bait means leaving your website link available for your prospect to check out more information. In the description area on YouTube, you want to make sure you leave your bait before writing out the summary of your video. This will not only create more traffic for your websites, but more quality backlinks pointing back to your content, which helps move you up in the SERPS.

3. Rich Keywords— Having the proper keywords located in your title, description, and tags will give the Google spiders something to munch on. As these spiders crawl your video content, you should very well see a push up in the SERPS. Make sure you carefully pick the right keywords that are more targeted. Long tail keywords will make it easier for your video to rank on page one of Google.

4. Post Video to Blog— Once you have optimized your video for the search engines, now it’s time to give your blog some content love. Posting your video to your blog will bring even more traffic to your sites. You may want to change the tile and keywords a little to add fresh food for the Google spiders to crawl.

5. Bookmark Your Content— After you post your video to your blog, make sure you bookmark your content to Digg, Propeller, Facebook, Twitter, etc. This will create an immediate surge of visitors to your money page or capture page. If you are using a WordPress blog, you should have a bookmark plugin install for this convenience.

Are you serious about Increasing Targeted Traffic to Your YouTube Channel?