If you have done your homework then you already know that organic foods don’t contain harmful chemicals. They don’t have pesticides, herbicides, or very other chemicals used in the fertilizer. That is all very important information because those are the driving points behind organic food. Knowing you aren’t consuming residue from these chemicals is something that you should be very happy about.

The other benefit is that the soil, air, and land aren’t being harmed from the growth of them either. With conventional farming methods there are many chemicals used and the do end up on the final product as well as in our environment. However, you may be very curious to find out what chemical organic product do use. You may be puzzled that I even mention it because some people assume that organic food are completely chemical free. That isn’t always the case though.

The certification process for organic foods is very strict and those guidelines are in place by the USDA. A product has to be 95% organic in nature regarding how it is grown, processed, and handled to earn such labeling. You can be sure those organic growers out there also have to keep careful records and they have to comply with regular inspections. This is all to ensure that products that claim to be organic really are. It is to ensure they aren’t using any forms of chemicals that they shouldn’t.

With that being said, there are some types of chemicals that are allowed to legally be used for organic products. It is also important to understand these laws vary by country. The USDA only has control of those which are grown in the United States. If you are very interested in the chemicals used for organic foods in specific locations you should be able to find such data online.

Getting the soil to be properly fertilized is crucial step when you want to be able to grow organic product. There are some approved chemicals that allow this to be done without any harm. They include alfalfa meal, blood meal, bone meal, and gypsum. Of course they don’t have to be used if you have a compost collection that has been in place and plenty of materials that it offers that can be used as natural fertilizer.

There are certain forms of chemicals used to protect the foods as they grow. Neem is a very popular type of chemical used for organic foods. It comes from trees that are grown in India and it is a type of pesticide that works at a slow pace. It isn’t toxic in nature though to humans or animals. Nicotine Sulfate comes from tobacco and it is also a natural pesticide.

One chemical that is very common for organic foods is called Pyrethrum. It doesn’t kill insects but it does render them unconscious and dazed. It doesn’t have any long term effects on them and it won’t harm people if they consume it.

Sometimes sulfur is used for organic foods as a natural type of preservative. This type of food can rot fast due to no wax or other preservatives placed on it. It also helps to give fruits a nice color and to protect against mildew growth. It isn’t harmful though to humans or animals. It can be applied as a liquid or in a paste form. This is important for people to enjoy the organic foods longer and to appreciate the way that they look.

Before any chemicals are approved as acceptable to be used with organic foods they are carefully tested. This is why it is a long time span from when one is considered and when it is approved. There are many such chemicals in a testing pattern right now that could be introduced later on for organic food growth and processing.

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