Eating organic food is a great way to maintain life-long good health. Organic food is food that has been grown and developed naturally. For example, crops free from pesticide, poultry free from antibiotics or growth hormones, food stuffs free from artificial preservatives etc. Organic products are not only free from harmful chemicals, but they ensure a higher nutritional value and a deeper, fresh flavour. Organic food is also great for the environment since it rules out using harmful chemicals and pesticides.

But just because organic food is healthier and natural does not mean that it has to be less tasty. Today, there are a number of scrumptious natural food options. In addition, organic food is now available in mouth-wateringly huge varieties. Lets take a look at some delectable organic food choices.

Organic Drinks and Shakes
Juices, drinks and milkshakes are ideal for freshening up after a long day, or preparing for a work day. Organic drinks and shakes are doubly beneficial. These organic products offer vitamins and minerals, all in an unadulterated, organic form.

Try the Hansen’s Natural Fruit Stix Flavored Drink Mix, a naturally-sweetened drink rich in Vitamin C. The GeniSoy Soy Protein Shake is an organic source of soy protein a tasty shake form.

Organic Meals and Snacks
Organic meals, breakfast and snacks are a great way to stay healthy and avoid fattening, unhealthy meals.

The Thai Kitchen Rice Noodle Bowl is a delicious organic meal in multiple flavours. Organic snacks like Eden Food Pumpkin Seeds or Bear Naked Granola, Fruit and Nut are a quick, easy way of staying healthy even on the move. These snacks are convenient to carry around with you, letting you energise quickly and being energetic always.

Organic Soups, Sauces and Spices
Organic food soups, sauces and spices have deeper and richer flavours than the same food stuffs with artificial preservatives. Spike Brand All Purpose seasoning gives an aromatic and mouth-watering tang to any dish. Annie Chun’s All Natural Asian Cuisine Noodle Bowl is available in delicious flavours like Korean Sweet Chili and many more.

Gluten-free Food
Gluten-free organic diet need not be dull or boring. Choose from the Gluten Free Pantry French bread and pizza mix for a filling, gluten-free meal; the Kind Plus Nutrition Bars in many yummy flavours for a quick snack; the Gluten Free Pantry Chocolate Truffle for a sinful gluten-free dose of sugar and many more delectable dishes.

Organic Tea and Coffee
The aroma of freshly brewed organic tea and coffee invigorates and soothes even on the most tiring day. Choose from rich blends of organic tea like the Tazo Tea Passion Herbal Infusion or Tazo Black Tea, the soothing Yogi Bedtime Tea, the Puroast Low Acid Coffee Hazelnut Ground and many more. The brew will of organic tea and coffee is the ultimate relaxing drink.

Go Natural!
Ensure health and fitness for you and your family by choosing natural food. Natural food stores today stock a stunning variety of organic treats created to satiate as well as protect. Help yourself and the environment with organic food!

John is a dietician and an organic foods fan. He has his own garden patch when he grows organic pumpkin.

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