You continue with your struggles but there are things you need to think about to determine if your relationship is really worth saving. If divorce or separation is on your mind, you will need to look at these things honestly and perhaps get some sound advice. Saving a relationship takes tons of work to accomplish and can also be frustrating if the relationship is not really there.


If you were to write a list of people you enjoy spending time with, is your partner in the list or top of the list? Be honest with yourself, do you really enjoy each other’s company? When was the last time both of you thoroughly enjoyed the good times together? Can that be repeated again? Are you content just having your partner with you? A good relationship is one where they feel content just having the person there and enjoy being together.


One very important thing to consider if your relationship is worth saving is does mutual understanding exist in your relationship? Can you feel that you’re being listened to and your partner understand you? Do you listen to your partner and make them feel that you’re with them? Try spending some time to see if they do.


When you’ve been through something bad, do you seek comfort in your relationship? A good relationship is a place where you can find comfort when you need to. If you constantly need to be comforted about your relationship or you turn elsewhere for comfort, there may be a problem.


If infidelity or faithfulness is questionable, they need to be addressed promptly. Can you trust your partner? Can your partner trusts you? If you can’t answer either of these questions affirmatively, you may need some serious counseling.


There many things to consider in saving a relationship and should not be taken lightly. You need to drill yourself with tough questions and search for the right answers. Only then can you determine if your relationship is truly worth saving.

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