Alternative forms of medicine are engrossing enormous attention as the world stands up to take note of traditional medicinal disciplines. Ayurveda and Ayurvedic cures have gained considerable limelight in this regard. Ayurveda, a combination ‘Ayus’ and ‘Veda’ meaning ‘longevity’ and ‘knowledge’ is interestingly an ancillary to ‘Rigveda’. It is the most ancient of all the Vedas that serve as a repository to traditional Indian knowledge.

Ayurveda confronts ailments by understanding the body and providing a holistic approach. Ayurveda calls for bringing in a balance in all aspects of life. The ‘doshas’ or ‘ailments’ are treated by anointing the body with natural concoctions. Proper functioning of all bodily channels or ‘shrotas’ is a requisite and achieved by harmonizing seamless flow of fluids within the body. Massages using oils of huge medicinal value forms a cornerstone of this objective.

An Ayurveda spa, especially in the lap of the enchanting Himalayas in India is increasingly becoming a popular destination for begetting a healthy mind, body and soul using the spiritual approach of Ayurveda. Ayurvedic spas are replete with Ayurveda masseurs who administer the oil massages with great dexterity and understanding of body’s functions.

A good Ayurveda spa is accomplished in all popular massages like ‘Marma Abhyangam’, ‘Shirodhara’ and head & foot message. ‘Marma Abhyangam’ is a special synchronized massage where the vital points of the body are considered so as to relax, detoxify and revitalize the body. ‘Shirodhara’ focuses on the cerebral and nervous system by pouring in oil, milk or a natural liquid mixture of either with herbs in a continuous flow over the forehead. Head & foot massages are also done in Ayurvedic spas, releasing muscular tension as an effect of the concentration of masseurs’ trained energy.

Ayurveda spa is preferred by many because of the emphasis laid on the root cause of any ailment and curing it, providing a long lasting and all encompassing remedy. There is lot to gain from Ayurveda treatments like rejuvenation, relief from joint and muscular problems, alleviating nervous, gynecological, cardio-vascular and psychological disorders, insomnia, and epilepsy among many others. Ayurvedic spas in the heavenly backdrop of the Himalayas are a potent course for total health revival.

Ayurvedic spa


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