Women always pay great attention to their face features, skin, figure and weight and so on. They want to keep slim and young. However, many women can not bear the seduction of many delicious foods in everyday life. Some of them always eat various kinds of foods blindly. In fact, some foods are rather harmful to women’s wellness. The blind eating can cause serious results.

Many women like to eat pickled vegetables when having dinner. When people pickle vegetables and meat, the edible salt added in the dishes can be transformed into nitrite. Under the action of the enzyme inside the human body, nitrite can be integrated with various kinds of internal substances to produce imine, a kind of carcinogenic substance. The long-term intake of pickled vegetables can cause cancer and accelerate the aging for the human body.

Fried seafood is also rather popular among many women. However, a kind of lipid peroxide can be produced by the edible oil which is used to fry seafood. Lipid peroxide is a kind of peroxide of unsaturated fatty acid. After it enters the human body, it can seriously destroy the acid system and vitamins inside the human body and accelerate the human aging.

Nearly all the women like to eat chocolate. In fact, chocolate is a kind of food containing high sugar and high fat. It does not mean that women can not eat chocolate. The true meaning is that women can not drink the beverage containing high content of sugar like fruit juice and soft drinks when eating chocolate. It is suitable for women to drink a cup of hot tea, as tea can absorb the oil contained in chocolate to decrease the rate of retention of foods.

Although the benefits of kelp are very diverse, it is not suitable for women to eat kelp excessively. Kelp contains abundant sodium. The excessive intake of sodium can cause the serious sedimentation of melanin inside the skin. fleckiness can even be caused.

As a kind of common fruit, orange also attracts the attention of women. Many women like to eat an orange after dinner, as they think orange can improve the digestion for them. In fat, orange contains rather rich carotene. The excessive intake of carotene can increase the density of carotene in the blood and force the skin color to turn yellow.

In short, in order to keep healthy and young, it is necessary for women to be careful when they are eating the foods and eat the foods moderately.

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