Palm reading is an interesting art or stream of knowledge for people who practice it and also those who believe in it. Palm reading makes future predictions about a person’s health, his/her married life, education and the also about the overall personality. In India palm reading is also used before a couple decides to get marries, since palm reading can also be used to judge the compatibility of the couple based on the lines on their hand. Some of the basic lines that are interpreted during pal reading are the life line, head line, heart line and the marriage line which is also known as the love line. For all the palmistry believers, here is some more information about the lifeline and the marriage line. Palm Reading: The Life Line The lifeline is the line on you right palm, which begins between the thumb and the index finger of the hand and encircles the mound at the base of the thumb. It may be extended downward unto the wrist. It is believed that the lifeline represents a person’s vitality and the length of life in general. The principles of palmistry say that special marks on the lifeline correspond to the specific events that have occurred in a person’s life. In general the lifeline can be divided into three parts. The first one represents youth, the second adulthood whereas the third part represents the old age.There are several other features of the lifeline that can be interpreted in terms of palmistry. The first being the length – if you lifeline is long and deep, then it indicates a life full of health and vitality. A short lifeline that is shallow represents a tendency to be controlled by others. However if you have a short yet strong lifeline, you need not worry. A short lifeline, which seems strong and deep enough, also represents a great life with and an ability to overcome all sorts of health problems. Addition of any extra lines to your lifeline are called vitality lines and are good for you since they mean added vitality to your life. In some cases, people also have doubled or tripled lifelines, which indicates the presence of a powerful positive energy around you. In case you have a lifeline that is very straight and sticks close to the side of your palm, it indicates an overly cautious nature. Palm Reading: The Marriage Line or the Love Line The marriage line or the love line is the line, which is generally found below the pinky finger. In terms of palmistry this area is known as the mount of mercury. The marriage line or the love line is a small line that seems to come from the outside edge of your palm. It is believed that multiple marriage lines indicate the occurrence of multiple marriages. In general any marks on the marriage line are not considered to be a positive sign. Small marks along the line can indicate extra-marital affairs. Moreover, if there is a cross on the marriage lines, it indicates a broken marriage or a broken engagement. Palm reading, taro cards and other horoscope predication method can be a moral booster in case the future predictions are positive. However a negative reading can be a source of constant concern and annoyance. So refer to these practices if you wish. However, always remember that you are the creator of your own future and no line or no horoscope prediction can make or break you… If you want to learn how to read palms, the first step is to understand the concept of active and passive hand. If a person is right-handed, his/her active hand would be the active hand, and that makes the left hand as the passive hand. The latent traits will be reflected by your passive hand and the active hand will give information on the personality traits you have inculcated by your efforts. Reading both the palms will help in defining the overall personality of the individual.Lines on the Palm To get a glimpse into your future, the palmist pays a great deal of attention to the lines on your palm. The most prominent lines on the palm are head line, heart line, life line and fate line. There are some other lines such as marriage line or smaller ones right below the little finger, which can determine the number of relationships you might have in your life. The deeper the lines, the more serious the relationship. Let’s talk about the life line now. Look at the area that lies between the thumb and the index finger, you will see a line originating from that place and extending downwards till the edge of the palm. This is the life line which indicates details regarding your age and health. A broken line is indicative of some health problems whereas a smooth and solid line indicates a good life. If you see a line that starts right below your middle finger and extends down to the wrist, you just spotted your fate line. A solid fate line indicates that opportunities will knock at your door. Grab them when they come and achieve your goals. Another prominent line that can be seen above the life line is the head line. It symbolizes your intellect and your thirst for knowledge. Broken head line indicates inconsistencies in thought process whereas a long deep line indicates that you are focused and have the ability to think clearly.Structure of the Palm Another part of the palm reading basics is understanding the personality traits by studying the shape of your hand. You might be ruled by one of the four elements of nature, and that is assessed through palm reading. Those who have a broad palm, square-shaped fingers and thick skin are believed to be ruled by earth. Such people are modest and practical. Those who have square or rectangular-shaped palms and long fingers, protruding knuckles and low-set thumbs are ruled by air. These people don’t believe in adhering to the conventional norms. They are intelligent, witty, but can be shallow at times. Those who have an oval shaped palm, with long conical fingers are ruled by water. These people are creative, perceptive and emotional. Those who have a long rectangular palm with short fingers are ruled by fire. These people are impulsive, bold, optimistic and can be egoistic at times.Mounts on the Palm Planetary influence is also an aspect of the art of palm reading. Different parts of the palm are ruled by planets or gods from Greek and Roman mythology. A palm reading chart can be used to understand the location of these mounts. Let me give you an example. The mount below the index finger is ruled by Jupiter and the one below the little finger is ruled by Mercury. If the mount or the bump is fleshy or raised, you will have the attributes associated with that god or planet. For instance, mercury is associated with good communications skills, so, a fleshy mount under the little finger reflects

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