Many Americans eat meat-for the most part beef and poultry are available at the dinner table every night of the week. Whether going out to a restaurant, grabbing some fast food on the way home, or cooking a meal in the kitchen, there is some form on meat included in the majority of lunches and dinners that are served up to Americans each day. With so many people ordering food and preparing meals it has become necessary for some farmers to increase the growth processes of their livestock by feeding them growth hormone and injecting them with antibiotics to keep them healthy. While these practices may appear to be normal and are accepted by millions of consumers the effects on the herds of cattle are somewhat detrimental.

For more than 90% of the ranchers and farmers in the United States the demand for meat across the country has them doing whatever they can to speed up the natural growth process and increase the yield that they can generate from one head of cattle. While the practice of keeping the animals that are bred for meat in small enclosures with no chance for exercise and a diet that is made up of fillers and byproducts, there are some farmers and ranchers that believe in delivering the highest standard of meats to the dinner table. These ranchers practice organic farming techniques that allow their herds to wonder free on the open land or their ranch. Feeding on only an all vegetation diet the animals are allowed to develop naturally, without the aid of hormones. The result is organic meat which has a superior taste and texture to the cuts of beef that can be found in the grocery store or at the fast food restaurant.

By providing Americans with an all natural 100% organic meat product, the farmers and ranchers are not able to raise as many cattle as some of the other livestock producers, but their organic meat is more flavorful and healthy than any other product on the market. Selling their cuts of beef in some of the finer restaurants in the country the organic meat ranchers are also making their high quality cuts of meat available to consumers that want to enjoy the best tasting cuts of steak and beef available today. Being careful to treat each animal with the dignity and respect that nature intended the organic ranchers are able to keep their herds free from hormones, fillers and antibiotics. With the demand for meat making it to the dinner table in almost every household in America, having the best tasting and healthiest organic meat on the menu makes every meal better.

Niman Ranch ( Although organic meat does come much closer to the achieving the high quality standard that we provide at all Niman Ranch farms, there are still several ways that organic meat may differ from the natural meat we produce.