If you are thinking of buying a new television, it is best to be armed with all the facts before you jump in and spend a fortune on the latest LCD or LED TV that doesn’t actually have the features that you want. The truth is that the latest models of most household appliances encompass more features than you would conceivably ever use but it is a good idea to make sure that what you take for granted, that television you like actually offers. LCD TVs and LED TVs have many of the same features as each other and in a lot of cases it is simply the technology behind the picture you see that is different.

Since the switchover to digital from analogue (which happened for many areas of the UK in 2009), all reputable electronics manufacturers have seen the need to build digital and freeview functions into their technology to ensure that consumers can enjoy television as they should be from the moment they first plug their televisions in. Sony, Samsung, LG and many other brands know that what consumers really want is simple, effective technology that does not require the purchase of lots of other products just to make their new television work as it should.

There are lots of features to look out for in the latest LCD TVs and LED TVs and the comparison tools on online retail sites are often very useful as a way of seeing exactly what you get for the price and what you want from your new television. The first feature to decide on is the screen size and with an LCD TV this can vary hugely, from the small 19 inch screens, to the large 40 inch screens and it is important to ensure that you know exactly what space you have, as well as how far you will sitting away from your television – bigger isn’t always better.

The next feature to look into is whether or not the television you like that is within budget is HD ready because this will determine the quality of viewing you get going forward. HD (High Definition) is the direction in which filming for TV and film is heading and so it is worthwhile ensuring that your new TV can support this as you may otherwise find that you need to buy a new television sooner than you think.

The final thing to decide on is whether to invest in an LCD TV or an LED TV; LED TVs are the latest in technology and basically offer a new way of back lighting LCD TVs. Read customer reviews and feedback for more information on what existing customers think of particular products.

Compare the features of hundreds of LCD TVs and LED TVs before deciding which one is right for you.