One of the best ways to teach reading is with fun reading games. These games can be used for learning new sight words & sounds or just to review them. Some fun reading games that my son enjoyed playing when I was teaching him to read are:

Musical chairs place the letters or sight words on chairs and play music as your child circles the chairs. When the music stops, the child tells you the sound or word. When your child gets the sound/word right that card is removed. The game is played until all the cards are removed & the child gets a small treat for getting all the cards right.

Hide & Seek Hide flash cards around the house. When your child finds one he/she has to tell you what it says. You can either have a small treat on each flash card like an M&M or give them a treat after they have found and said all the hidden flash cards.

Fishing For Sight Words (or Letters) Rig up a fishing pole by attaching some string to a pole of some sort. Use a stick or a broom if you dont have a real fishing pole. Tie a paperclip or any kind of clip to the string. Have your child sit on the couch and fish over the side of it for their words. When they get one right they can get a small treat. Or when they have gotten all of their cards right, they can get a bigger treat.

Act out the sight words that you can. For example, if I am trying to teach my son the sight word on, I tell him to go stand on, all kinds of things, and he has to come back in between and look at the flash card and tell me that it says the word on. For example, I say, Go stand on the rug in the kitchen. Ok, now come back, and look at your card. What does it say? Thats right on. Now go stand on your bed, etc.

Most young children thrive on learning with movement. They retain the information so much better if it is presented in the form of an activity or fun reading game. These reading games are so effective because they incorporate all three aspects of learning: sight, sound, and movement.

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