With just 10 weeks until Christmas and the number of shopping days dwindling, many people are preparing their Christmas lists so family members and friends can start their shopping. One item that often appears on these lists is televisions and with the number of deals on a wide variety of TV’s available, it is easy to see why. Such has been the advancement in technology; there are now many different televisions from the leading brands on the market including Samsung, Panasonic and LG.

Plasma, LED, LCD and now 3D televisions are on the wish lists of everyone from young to old. Plasma and LCD TVs have been on the market for many years now and have been offering people the best way to enjoy their favourite television programmes and films. The clarity and sharpness of the picture means people can really get involved with what they are watching and with these televisions becoming increasingly affordable they are not restricted to those with high disposable income. You can now find a good sized television for around ¬£150 which can buy you a 22” television from a leading manufacturer.

Televisions now come with a range of accessories and as you can have your TV mounted on your wall for optimum viewing, you can buy wall brackets for your TV. Of course, you can still have it on a stand like we always have done so it is up to the owner and depends on the individuals’ preference. With High Definition now widely available, all televisions are HD ready so you just need a Blu-Ray player, digital box or a Playstation 3 (comes with in-built Blu Ray technology). If you haven’t watched a film, sports match or programme in HD then you are certainly missing out.

Young or old, you can make the most of the television. For those with games consoles, the games are so much better and you will get much more enjoyment out of them when you have a top of the range HD television. Fighting games and sports games are great fun to enjoy on them and you may not be able to put down your controller. With better graphics and great picture, modern day televisions and games consoles are the perfect match. For those that love their documentaries, HD televisions are great as when you are watching animals in the jungle or sea life, you can really see the detail in the picture and this adds to the viewing experience.

With a range of LCD TV deals and Plasma televisions on the market you have got a wide range of options that will ensure you have the best viewing experience.

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