When seeking a totally healthy choice for a daily multivitamin, it is important that the consumer know what he is getting. Many of our foods today are either full of synthetic or artificial ingredients or are processed in such a way that the nutrients they contained are significantly reduced in effectiveness.

Commercial vitamin companies are just beginning to understand the importance of including nutrients like antioxidants, enzymes, phytonutrients, and organic mineral activators in a healthy diet. Many are rushing to market with formulations that have one or two things like Omega3 fatty acids (an antioxidant found in certain fish oils), CoQ10, or lutein in them in a in an attempt to capitalize on the growing desire by consumers to find a healthy answer to how to get a product that will benefit them through getting the proper nutrients in their daily diet. Unfortunately, many of the nutrients included in commercially prepared multivitamins are chemically isolated compounds that are a mere fraction of what is available in natural plant sources. Most of the commercial versions are derived from synthetic sources not found in nature.

When looking for a multivitamin, one of the key features the consumer should seek out is a product that is certified as being completely organic. And just because a product says “organic” on the packaging doesn’t necessarily mean that all of it is, unless is certified as being so. Products that carry this certification have been obtained through methods that mean they do not contain contaminants like pesticides that can remain in the food or supplement after processing.

Organic also means that the product comes in a form that is as it occurs in nature, not derived from substances like coal tar. The chemical binders and preservatives like BHT (thought to be a cancer-causing substance) and gluten in use commercially today have been shown to create problems like allergic reactions in recent research, while the jury is out on certain others that commercial food manufacturers have been embracing with abandon.

Another important consideration for choosing a supplement is the methods used in extracting and processing the ingredients. Many of them need to be handled properly to preserve the effectiveness. When extracting a nutrient from a plant, the best way to handle it is to do so using methods where heat is not applied in any way during the extraction. The plants are processed in such a way that they are cold rolled, then the resulting wet products are allowed to dry slowly and naturally so that no potency is lost in the manufacture phase.

It’s clear that in order to find a healthy supplement that can provide the maximum benefits needed for a healthy life, a little footwork is necessary. Check e claims of each product and make sure that what you’re getting is natural, organically certified and free of synthetics and other substances that have been shown to be detrimental to well-being.

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