The American organic food market has grown at an accelerated rhythm over the last decade. Green, clean products are now a lot more visible with mainstream retailers particularly since they bring clear health benefits and a better hope for the environment. Statistics indicate that Americans occupy the first position in consumers’ top for organic food. Western Europe is the second largest organic food market in the world.

More and more hectares of farmland are now managed organically. Even in third world countries, producers have switched to organic farming because of the numerous advantages brought by exports. Lots of producers have grown a business to provide products to the foreign market rather than to the local one. There are financial aids and government products that support the development of such agriculture sectors.

The market grew at a very accelerated pace between 2002 and 2008, but now it takes place at a slower rate than before. Organic farms generally supply local markets, which is why regional development has played a serious role in the context. Success on the local market depends on the nature of the crops and the demand for organic products. If the crops are not sold out locally, then, the farmer will prepare for servicing a larger organic food market, and trying thus prevent financial loss.

The slowing of the growth rates has been explained by the process of recession that has affected countries worldwide. It is in such time that the commitment of the consumer to organic food has been seriously tested. Sales have been a bit smaller than in previous years, yet, the organic food market has maintained an ascending course even through the 2008-2009 financial crisis. Even in dire times, organic food has remained popular. The most serious drops on the organic food market have been reported in Britain, one of the most expensive countries to live in, in the world.

Would consumers cut back on organic food or not? Cheaper organic products will compete better with conventional foods on the market. It remains to be seen where the future of the organic industry will lead, but we have to keep hopes up that a recovery is more than possible, with more people choosing to eat green than ever before!

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