Storytelling is a natural and powerful way to connect with your target audience. You can learn to craft and shape these stories to retain their integrity while still making a point related to your business. Storytelling is comfortable for our audience, can be used to explain what we are doing, and is the basis for list relationship marketing. We all grew up listening to stories told by the adults in our lives. In school we heard more stories. Over time we become accustomed to hearing stories that shape the way we make sense of the world around us. When you think of someone who has motivated or inspired you, it is very likely you will connect them with the story they tell.

Craft your own story to let people know who you are and where you came from. It will allow them to make sense of who you are and how you can help them to succeed. This is a comfortable medium to use with your prospects and clients. You can explain what you are doing by telling a story around it. For example, I am teaching people how to hold teleseminars when they are new and have no list. The story I shared with them is how I started doing teleseminars by making up a list of names and questions. These were my make believe friends, and they asked questions that moved my calls along.

As I began to build a list I no longer needed this pretend list of students, and my business was launched successfully. The point is that anyone can hold a teleseminars, even if they have no one on their list. List relationship marketing is based on connecting with your list, no matter how small it is, and getting to know them on a deeper level. Share your stories to make a point about what you are doing and they will respond. Now that we have social media sites, you can develop your story over time and find the exact people who resonate with it.

If you can remember what your experience has been in being on other people’s lists, try to bring the best of that to your list by using storytelling to share your thoughts, ideas, and training. As you can see, storytelling is an excellent way to market to your list by building a relationship with them over time. It is comfortable for all of us, helps us to make our point, and will help you to monetize even the smallest list.

Remember that the reason to start an internet business is to give you the time and money to live the life you choose. Download a free teleseminar on building your online business by visiting Marketing With Storytelling to learn how to write articles, blog, become involved in social networking and learn the technology needed to build a profitable online business.

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