My entire school life through much of my adulthood, I have disliked reading anything. My eyes seem to rush past the words. I don’t understand much of what I read. I could fall asleep I’m so bored.

Yet, if I read something out loud, I am a superb reader. I almost never don’t know how to pronounce something, especially words most people stumble over. I have always been puzzled by that fact until I decided to attempt, once again, to go back to college.

As usual, I was bored, but when I dropped out, the instructor, who happened to be head of the LD Department, called me. She said she knew why I was having problems and convinced me to come back and get tested. When the tests were completed, a neurologist officially diagnosed me with ADHD and Learning Disabilities. Needless to say I was shocked. “Children have that” I told the LD Director, and “children grow up with it” she responded back.

Since I lived in Los Angeles at the time, I discovered I could get books on then, cassette tapes, through the Los Angeles Braille Institute. That one opportunity opened a World I had prior to that, been shut out of.

Here is how you can get involved in this type of Program where you will get books, including many school books, on CD’s registered through the Library of Congress:

1. Get tested first to see if you are Learning Disabled or Dyslexic.

2. Have your testing physician sign a form with that diagnosis, including any drug you are given (i.e, Ritalin, Concerta, etc.), which will prove your eligibility for this outstanding service.

3. Contact your State Disability Department and ask them about your State’s program. The Texas program is called “Talking Books of Texas”.

4. Find out if your State Program includes having someone record a school book for you, if you need that service. The Braille Institute in L.A. will do that but I presume you need to live in L.A.

5. Contact “Recordings for the Blind and Dyslexic”. They are similar to a State program although there is a nominal sign up fee involved..

The old cassettes played on 4 sides and needed a special player. The new CD’s need a special CD player, which you will learn about when you are given all the information about the program.

I hope parents with LD children, and any adults who are learning disabled, will participate in these wonderful programs. I promise, if you have difficulties reading, your World is about to open. Enjoy ever single “page” you don’t have to read anymore.

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