Marbella was just a tiny, unknown fishing village until it became an overnight tourist sensation for the rich and famous, in the Mediterranean. This city is considered the epicenter of the fast paced and celebrity filled festivity, with its beautiful gardens, parks, and boulevards of Moorish tradition. This distinctly marks out Marbella’s uniqueness for tourism.With a great climate of 18.7 degrees Celsius all year round, and fantastic beaches, a unique variety of sports activities, entertainment, and cuisine is in store for the visitor.

Beautiful Beaches

The stretch of beach between Cabopina and Guadalmina is 26km, and contains many quaint bars with fresh seafood to savor. This area offers an abundance of water-sports with yachts anchored around to set you in a relaxed mood.

Puerto Banus is the place for the jet setters to meet, as there are shops and restaurants for great cuisine and shopping. The contrast between the white buildings and the blue sea is breath-taking.

The town center, Plaza de los Naranjos, is right at the center of Marbella and is full of activity and life, whether it is day or night. It is an Andalusian-Moorish style square, which is named after the orange trees planted around that region.

Some interesting sights from every century can be found here, such as the Renaissance from the 15th century, the town hall that was built in the 16th century, and Casa del Corregidor from the 17th century.

Parking spaces are in abundance below the Avenida del Mar, which is a lovely promenade at the seaside, just a couple of minutes from the town center.

There are museums that store some of the region’s oldest historical pieces from the Roman settlements in Villa Romana and the thermal spas from the 3rd century. A 4th century cathedral from the Christian epoch in Vega del Mar exists.

There are many other attractions that exist dating back to the 9th century, such as Moorish ruins, fortresses, palaces, Spanish engravings, and famous paintings.Parks here hold some of the best bonsai collection in the whole of Europe. These are known as ‘micro-trees’. Other flora is the typical Mediterranean species.

Fiestas in Marbella

There are as many performances as there are traditional festivities for the tourist to feast and indulge in here at Marbella. The main carnival in the month of February is an international event, which is held on a large scale with complete colors and works. Feria is celebrated by the locals on 11th June every year. It is complete with regional attire and Flamenco dances, whereas the religious festival of Virgen del Carmen is solemnly carried out on 16th July with the long procession of beautifully decorated fishing boats.

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